Cash App Review and How To Get the $5 Bonus

Hello! In this article, we’re going to be doing the Cash app review and we’re also going to be talking about how to actually use the app as well as some steps to actually get started. Stick around because we’ll also be talking about that $5 bonus that they have as long as it’s still going through and some of the caveats that you need to make sure that you get completed so that way you get that five-dollar bonus. I mentioned we’re going to be doing the cash app review but first if you are new here and this is one of your very first article with our name is Termuxhub and on this write-up, we love to talk about personal finance to really help you build your wealth and become more financially free.

Cash App Review and How To Get the $5 Bonus
Cash App Review and How To Get the $5 Bonus

So one of the most important things when it comes to utilizing a financial app is making sure you understand who is actually backing up that app because that can be a very big thing especially when it comes to trust on using money, the great thing about this app is it is actually backed up by square who does that credit card processing so you can actually feel very comfortable making sure that you know your money’s going into the right places and actually being you know properly utilized in between so when using this app you can feel very confident that your money is being used properly and it’s not going to be going out of anywhere because squared is actually a pretty big company and it’s backed up very similar to the way that Venmo is actually backed up by PayPal.

Speaking of Venmo these two apps are actually very similar in nature as far as kind of how they work it’s more like a peer-to-peer you know spending money to be able to go back and forth so that way if you want to pay somebody for like you know pizza or a Lyft ride or just any other means in a very quick manner this is one of those types of apps I was a little bit different than how Venmo works with animals more like a social media version this one definitely has a little spot where it keeps you keeps all the activities together but as far as the overall usage of it it’s fairly similar in most other aspects we’re going to get into that and one of the great things about having both Venmo and cash app is the fact that you know in case somebody else only has one or the other.

You’re pretty much ready to go either way plus that $5 bonus is not a bad thing as long as that promotion is still going on. As we load up the app it’s going to ask you whether you want to put a phone number or an email now for me personally it’s a lot easier to just do the phone number so we plugged in a phone number of course with the information blacked out there but once you put in the phone number it’s going to a send you a special code that you’ve typed in and to be able to confirm that it is your phone number that you’re using with the app that you have so you’re going to go ahead and type in that code once you get it and then once you get that code it’s going to ask you for that referral code or you can use somebody else’s that you know as you see here it’s going to actually show my face that confirms that it’s my referral code and then here it’s going to ask you for the bank card now you can skip this part if you want to for now and then it’s going to take you to the scene where it’s going to ask you for your full name so just make sure that you type in your name on the screen now once you have the name on there it’s
going to take you to ask you for your zip code so just make sure you put it in your current zip code for you and then once you’ve done with that it’s going to ask you for your cash tag now the cash tag is going to be where it’s going to actually have you have like a nickname for yourself, you can actually have your full name if you wanted to you can put whatever name that is currently available that dollar sign on the front and does have to be there I was trying to delete it at first and it didn’t allow me to so once you create that it’s going to take you to a screen that’s going to show you that you can also do the five-dollar bonus now as I mentioned earlier too, if you want to use somebody else’s referral code you’re more than welcome to and then once you actually create this account as well and then you go through the process and you get your five dollar bonus from using my referral code you can actually start passing out your referral code to friends and family members and the cool thing about that is as they’re signing up and as they’re creating their accounts you will also get those five dollars which is really cool thing because you’re getting five dollars for the kind of showcasing other people about this so now it’s going to take you to the main page of the cash app now.

Of course, as you see here it looks very basic and very simple which is really awesome because that’s what we want we want something as simple as possible if you move over to the left side here you’re going to see a couple of different options here for you at the top it’s going to ask if you want to add your photo and then you’re going to see where it says cash Bitcoin and then add Bank if you go ahead and keep scrolling down you’re going to see where it says get cash card and we’ll talk about that in a moment and then we can keep scrolling down just to kind of see all the pieces of information here on this page now what we’re going to also do to is we’re going to click on add Bank card and now this is the part again if you wanted to do it now or later you can add or you can actually go and click on no card available and it actually take you to your area for the bank where you can actually log into your account directly now if you don’t actually have your account to log in directly you can click on other and over here it’s going to ask you for the robbed number and the account number so you can actually just go through the records. So if you don’t see your actual bank on there you could just do it that way as well alright so now we’re going to go back to the main spot and we’re going to go on to the other side and on the other side it’s going to ask if you want notifications you’re going to do that later or you can add it right away and here you’re going to see if some different companies are actually offering you some special discounts for utilizing Kasia app which is really cool now if you want to go ahead and send somebody $5 it’s going to pop up asking if you want to allow access to contacts now you do want to do this because one it’s going to allow you to see who actually has the cash app which is really nice but then also too so you can send those invites to other people that you want so over here you’re going to type in your personal name and then you can actually go ahead and pay that person that five dollars if you wanted to.

Of course, you’re going to make sure that you have your either bank account on there or your card number on there as well so that way that money can actually go into that directly for you now. While I was testing this all out now the other thing about the whole bonus when it comes to everything and order you get that five-dollar bonus you do have to make sure that you have a card on a file or a bank account on file I’d probably recommend the bank account
because that way you can actually have the withdraw on there in case you want to send that money back to your account which of course is very important but, you have to make sure that you utilize at least five dollars or more to be able to get that five-dollar bonus so make sure you keep that in mind because if somebody tries to send just one dollar or three dollars or even four you’re not going to get that five-dollar bonus until you hit over five dollars or more so that’s why we did the five dollars back and forth so that way we were able to get that bonus all right so now once you get that five dollars if you want to cash out what all you have to do is go back to the main spot hit that five dollars at the top and you’ll see down towards the bottom right you’ll see where it says cash out and then you can ask how much you want to cash out.

On the top of the app, you’re going to see where it says get free cash card now this is a cool signature debit card that is going to be just for you and when you hit get cash card it’s going to say get a free customized Visa debit card to use with your app and so this is going to be a way for you to be able to draw money out with a card instead of having to withdraw into a bank account so if you did continue it’s going to take you to a spot where you can actually be able to draw in or signature what or do anything that you want directly on here so the cool thing is we’re going to go ahead and just kind of showcase what it looks like so we’re going to do TM for true financials we’re going to do a cool dollar sign face hit next and then that’s what its going to look like on the actual debit card itself which I think looks really really cool so if you want something that’s more customized to you in that regard I think that’s going to be an awesome thing for you to be able to get so overall for the app I think it’s pretty fluid and how it works very simple to utilize and to understand.

Thanks for reading, I hope it works for you too!

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