How to buy bitcoin with paypal, quick and easy method.

How to buy bitcoin with paypal, quick and easy method.
How to buy bitcoin with paypal, quick and easy method.

Okay so here I am at X coins IO and I’ve been using this for over three years now it’s been very very smooth I’ve helped a lot of people and a lot of people in my team have successfully gotten access to Bitcoin using either a credit card, PayPal or a bank account okay and it’s very very fast indeed.
So I’m just going to show you you know you can create an account and you don’t even need a third-party Bitcoin wallet now I recommend you do get a Bitcoin wallet but that’s something you can do later on or down the road but for the moment this system already has a built-in Bitcoin wallet anyway where you can store your bitcoins so you don’t need it in any third-party system or service.

Just simply to get yourself Bitcoin and have that access to that Bitcoin immediately alright so what we do is as
you can see I’ve referred a huge number of people into this system and they’ve been able to successfully receive
Bitcoin thanks to this service that the support has always been literally getting back to me within minutes. It’s a
great platform so I’m just gonna say you know I’m gonna go in here.
I’m gonna click get Bitcoin and the minimum amount is 20 US dollars this is actually easier for a lot of people because some people say to me they just want to test the waters with a particular product or a service or they want to get into it.
Bitcoin-based company and they don’t need to have you know 50 US dollars worth or they don’t need to have a hundred dollars worth they just need to start small so here I am on the forum.
I’m gonna get a hold of Bitcoin I’m just going to get 50 Bitcoin, for now, $50 worth a Bitcoin, for now, get Bitcoin and it’s searching for lenders it’s all done within the platform, it’s very very simple and I’m just going to go ahead and continue the payment.

So I’m just going to go with my PayPal balance and continue pay now return to the merchant so your Bitcoin has been
delivered it is already available for withdrawal okay so my payment was successful and I’m gonna be able to
receive Bitcoin alright it’s as simple as that guy and everything will be set up in inside your back-office here
within your wallet so if I go to my wallet here and there. It is already added into your account there it is it’s in there literally as I’ve been talking the whole process literally took just minutes guys so if you’ve got a PayPal a wallet or if you use a credit card and you want to get Bitcoin even as little even as small as $20 this process is really simple now.

The first time you go through this you’re going to have to go through a very small and very painless security
check such as uploading your government document but that’s just you know any company is going to be asking you
to do that this what we call KYC approval which means no your customer all right every company is required to do that and it’s a very simple process. Nowadays you can go through that in literally minutes it’s going to take you three to five minutes to go through that very very simple and right aren’t they on the other side you’re going to be able to go through exactly the way you saw me on screen on instantly how you know how to get Bitcoin using either a paper or PayPal account, you can go through the credit card process as well and you’re going to be able to get Bitcoin you know even with a bank account as well as possible.

Here I can deposit more Bitcoin or I can withdraw Bitcoin so you’re basically using this as a Bitcoin wallet
right built into the system and if I want to withdraw Bitcoin that’s the same meaning as sending Bitcoin so if I want to send Bitcoin to a company or a or a product I want to buy or if I want to send it to a friend all I have to do is to put the Bitcoin wallet being wallet address in here and decide how much I want to in US dollars or if I want to put in Bitcoin.

That’s the amount I want to send I put the address in there and then I send the Bitcoin to that third party or product or company or whatever thanks for reading bye for now.

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