How to buy Bitcoins with Cash in few seconds (New working ways)

Recently, It is way easier to purchase bitcoins with cash like it was back in the days, the reason being that there are lots more cryptocurrency exchange brokers now unlike before with Luno and Coinmama being the most popular exchange platforms. It is a lot easier because you can convert your cash to bitcoins quickly and privately within the shortest period of time.

Now let’s dive into the discussion proper, to buy bitcoins with cash you will need to first of all own a personal cryptocurrency (bitcoin wallet). That is an account where your coins will be deposited when the exchange or purchase is made. If you don’t have a wallet yet here is a guide for you on how you could own one.

There is also local cash to bitcoin exchange platform that enables you to trade bitcoins person to person. The merit is that it proves to be the fastest and most secure and also it is very easy to use.

Now below are different ways on how you could buy Bitcoins with cash using cash exchange platform.



BitQuick BTC exchange platform is basically available to only people living in the United States for a peer-to-peer, bitcoin-to-cash, or even cash-to-bitcoin transaction. On this exchange platform, buyers are linked up with sellers within the States who want to trade their bitcoins for cash.

Here you can find sellers with different offers and this gives you the choice of selecting the most suitable offer. The process is usually very simple, first, you get the account details of the seller and then you make a deposit.

Next, you Upload evidence of deposit receipt for confirmation and your bitcoin will be released to you immediately after a few minutes.

This is one of the best and fastest way to purchase bitcoin across the United States. See more about BitQuick exchange here.



Just like other exchange platforms, LocalBitcoins also allows you to make person-to-person transactions for Bitcoin through cash deposit. Interestingly, it is available to users in most countries around the world, unlike BitQuik. You will find sellers around your area who accepts cash.

Steps involved in the purchase are;

First, place your order and make a deposit to the seller.

Then Upload a receipt for confirmation and then receive coins into your LocalBitcon wallet.

See Localbitcoin exchange here for more information.


Still looking for the Best BTC merchant service? Then try Bitcoin ATM Map

Bitcoin ATM Map

This platform is owned by Coin ATM Radar and it helps you to find nearby locations where peer-to-peer cash for bitcoin transactions are accepted. With this ATM you can buy as much bitcoin as you want, yes! and pay in cash but the transaction fee is about 5-10%.

It is also important to note that there are various Bitcoin ATMs provided by different companies, therefore the charges might be slightly different.

Check also Wall of coins.
This is one of the most detailed peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platforms.

Just Like others discussed above, it allows you to find buyers and sellers who are ready to accept cash in exchange for the Bitcoin. This platform does not just offer bitcoin exchange but for other coins like etherium as well.

It is available in most countries around the world.

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