Latest Android 11.0: Quick and easiest way to update your Android version.

Quick and easiest way to update your Android version.

Android became consistent in its yearly version update after the release of Android version 4.0.4 (Known as Ice Cream Sandwich) in 2011.
In 2020, Android has greatly improved with lots of advancement in their Artificial Intelligence (AI), and recently getting the new updates is not as tedious as it used to be back in the days.
The new Android 11.0 Beta came with lots of cool features like;
pop up chat bubbles
Screen recorder
Notification history and most importantly Wireless Android Auto on 5GHz Wi-Fi enabled devices.
As we keep looking forward to the release of the Android 12.0 version, let’s see how you could update your Android version.

Carefully follow the instructions below to avoid phone brick:-

First, Make sure you are connected to another device’s internet.

Go to your phone settings, scroll down and click on “About phone”
When the new page pops up, look for “System Updates”. If your phone is due for an update then it will be displayed there. It could also be written as Software Update, depending on your device operating system.

Also, depending on your OS, you will see options like; Install “System Update”, “Reboot and Install” or Just “Install Now”

Click on whatever option you find there, after the update your device will automatically restart after which your Android version will be running on the most recent version!

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