New! Free Up Space On Android Smartphone Without Deleting Anything.

Hi, if you’re reading this then no doubt you probably have this storage space running out error at some point or another. Really annoying we’ve all been there, have to start going through and clearing our apps deleting photos videos things you wouldn’t normally get rid of just purely so that you’ve freed your space up and your phone’s not running on a sort of sluggish basis.

Free Up Space On Android Smartphone Without Deleting Anything.
Free Up Space On Android Smartphone Without Deleting Anything.

so the purpose of today’s article is to show you how to utilize a segment of your web hosting account that you’re not using And turn it into cloud space. It’s very straightforward if you stick with me. I promise you. It’s very easy to do. Now let’s get started!

So if you have a similar device such as mine, which is a note 3 you click on apps

Find the “My files” app and click that

So basically I mean this shows you what space there is so if you click this folder with the plus down here

and click “Add FTP” “OK”

Enter whatever you like in this space

I mean, this is just how you identify with that particular folder or the cloud space So I’m just going to put example cloud space when I can finally type it in. The next section is where you would put all your FTP information

If you’re not sure where to find this then get in contact with your web host company. I’m sure they’ll be able to send that through to you. So you enter all the information in and then once you’re done click up done and Now you can see that’s been added down the bottom here, so if I click on it

Nothing saved in there at present okay, so if I go back

What I’m going to do just to show you just an example I’m not going to move much, but if I just take a couple of videos saved on my phone.

click on those and Click move

If I click on the FTP tab my example cloud space is now there so I click on that. Click “Move Here”

I would recommend doing this on Wi-Fi for speed purposes, and so you’re not eating into your data. If you use it on data You are going to use a lot of it up, It could end up costing you a lot of money. So as you can see these two are being moved as we speak.

So that’s it now, so they’re off my phone. They’re now saved on a server

So they’re nice and secure just as they would be on something like Google Drive, or Dropbox

And they’re off my phone you can see it’s slightly gone down in space

If you need to move them back onto your phone. I’ll show you it’s just as simple as moving them back

click on “Move”

Click “Device storage”

“Move Here” and

Again as quickly as they came off, they’re going back on my phone again

so if you’ve got a web hosting account like myself

And you’re not using all of the space then certainly go ahead and do it’s worth doing

If you don’t have a web hosting account or domain, check out the link in the description below

It’s certainly worth signing up for one and you’ll see why. I hope this has been helpful

and informative. If you’ve got any queries then please get in touch via our comment Box.

Thank you

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